Gobbor's father, Gombod, visits town for the first time in awhile and goes on a quest with the other adventurers. What does The Undermine have in store for them today?

This game is a sequel to "On Being Undermined." While not strictly necessary, some of the jokes land a lot better if you're familiar with the first game. You can check it out here: https://andrfw.itch.io/on-being-undermined 

To see all of the "On Being Undermined." games, check out this collection: https://itch.io/c/2401973/on-being-undermined-franchise

Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars
(9 total ratings)
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Tags2D, Funny, goblin, Metroidvania, prank, scam, Short, Singleplayer, Story Rich


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As the current WR holder, this is my favorite speedgame. Amazing work from you Andrfw, hope to see more from you in the future!

honestly the worst part is when gobbor does ddr against the final boss you aren't even playing as him :(

Love this series, great stuff!

anyting for collecting too many snails?

Nope :)


Its really funny and a short and simple little game

Keep up the good work

I'll go and check on on being underminded