A narrative-based metroidvania about pranks.

This game means a lot to me, and I'm really excited for people to play it. If you like it, let me know what you think and/or share it with a friend!

Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(40 total ratings)
GenrePlatformer, Adventure, Puzzle
Made withGameMaker
Tags2D, Exploration, Funny, Metroidvania, Short, Singleplayer, Story Rich
Average sessionAbout a half-hour


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in the chest there should've been a note that says "the real treasure was the friends you made along the way"


all the friends are kinda assholes tho

best ending ever 

every twist was awesome!!

my jaw dropped to the floor at that ending

I got stuck in a wall after picking up the indigo key. is that supposed to happen?


no, sorry 😔. The collision code in this game is a little glitchy at time so it seems that on rare occasions people can clip into parts of the walls.

That's alright, I played through it again and it's a really cool game. Thanks for making it!

Short but fun.:)

Lmao. 11/10 would recommend. 


lol the end

cool game, now jsut not too sure what to do now. got the middle and the right orb and did basically everything there can be done (at least I think so?)

Nevermind, i totally forgot about the purple guy :-)

I gotta agree: Knytt underground is really great but the original K nytt is cool too! :-)


Games that continually screw with you are the best, this was great :D Good job!

Smile on my face the whole way through. Awesome work!


I wouldn't call this a metroidvania, since there are no ability upgrades. But I enjoyed it, it was a short but fun experience.


You didn't find the ability upgrades??

(1 edit)

I'll read your long text anytime dude, I don't mind! Gotta get that writing practice in...

Edit: that was fantastic!!! Every gag was great, and none outstayed their welcome! I tried to scam Scammir back, but I couldn't resist keeping his completely accurate, very aesthetically pleasing, unbelievably helpful map. 10/10 would get scammed again.

How do I get the orb on the left?


The left path is definitely the trickiest! Here's a full walkthrough:

  • Starting at the looming gate, go right, then down. Then go left until you can't anymore. Then go down until you can't anymore. You should be in a room with a purple background and see Diggur.
  • Diggur is looking for the purple key, which you can see. If you walk to the right and come back around, the key will be gone. Diggur will have left a note saying that he's gone to dig past the door. If you visit him, you can see he's partway through digging the next room.
  • Go back all the way to the right, and drop down the pit at the bottom of the screen. This will loop you back to the room you're currently in. To get past this, you'll need to hold left while falling to land on the ledge and go into a secret passage.
  • Keep moving through to the left, collecting the purple key on the way, and eventually getting to the other side of the purple door. 
  • At this point, Diggur has finished digging his tunnel, and you can follow him to the other side and talk with him again.
  • If you continue past Diggur, you'll see a ledge that's too tall for you to jump up. To get to the top of this ledge, you'll need to return to the room Diggur is in, jump up the platforms to the room above, jump to the top-left platform, and jump off of it while holding left. This should give you enough height to make it to the top of the ledge.
  • Continue left and you'll find your way blocked by an invisible block. You can jump onto it, and subsequently the block above it. Then, jump into the room above. This room is a zig-zag pattern of invisible blocks. Once you make it to the top-right, you can jump up to the next room, which contains the Orb of Caverns.

Very funny and very evil. Great game!

Amazing game Andrew! I laughed so many times

lol , that was great , v funny !

Haha this little adventure was well made and very funny 😀👍 Great job!

I really liked the game and especially the humor, but I got stuck and cant figure out where to go. I got the left and right orbs but have no idea where to go to get the middle one. I sold everything in my inventory to the hardware store but still dont have enough for the key, and he wont buy my gem. Any tips on what to do?

Make sure you have all of the following to sell him:

  • Indigo Key (left of the Looming Gate) 
  • Yellow Key (on the way to the Hardware Store)
  • Red Key, Green Key, and Valiant Sword, which you have to have to get to the hardware store in the first place. 

Hope this helps, I'm glad you liked the other parts! 

Sweet thanks! I restarted and went back to the store and had enough money to buy the key and finish the game (I actually got jumpscared at the end). I dont know why I didnt have enough money the first time, maybe I was just being dumb