Challenge opponents that use a variety of techniques from ninjitsu to teleportation! Explore the world and meet a cast of wacky characters!!

The game takes around 30-45 minutes to beat (depending on skill), and will automatically save progress in your browser.

It is recommended that you use Chrome or Edge for playing this game. There are some known issues with saving and audio in other browsers.

I built this game over the course of the last 6 months. I'd love to hear what you think and would appreciate any comments! I hope you enjoy it. If you like this game, you can check out all of my stuff at

Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(28 total ratings)
GenreAdventure, Sports
Made withGameMaker: Studio
Tags2D, Action-Adventure, Exploration, Feel Good, Funny, Pixel Art, Singleplayer, Top-Down, Top Down Adventure


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PLEASE make this downloadable

over all: 10

comedy: 9

action: 10

story: 10

everything else: 10

game of the year

goated game

This game is incredible, On being undermined is great too! I need to know what this dev is working on next.

I think you should try to make more of this game and/or sequel, because it's really fun but with only 7 times you actually play pickleball, the game is pretty short, maybe like 6 pickleball lords would be nice, and more minigames like the fishing one outside of getting to a lord would be cool.

i speed ran and mabey got a record 2:40

nice! if you have a video I'd love to watch!! 

srry no vid

for what any % because I think the record right now is 10:34


i love this game

ahhh i love this game smm !! its so fun silly and a cute story.

A Fun silly game with a lot of variety between enemy's to keep things interesting and to keep you on your toes. 

Who knew pickleball could be so much fun 


these are GREAT, loved watching your playthrough!

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I was stuck at the Dash step 0/3 and then figured out how to spin the ball :) Good fun.

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Also I should mention that I have also developed a Pickleball VR game for Oculus Quest and I live in the same area as you it seems. Small world :) Wondering if you also do VR games. I am not an artist but I find your work very interesting.

I haven't actually dipped into VR at all (I get motion sick pretty easily) but that's awesome!! small world indeed :)

People rarely experience motion sickness in teleportation mode as it places you in the correct position to hit the ball in one frame. I experienced some in AutoRun mode or while using the joystick initially but it stopped after couple of sessions. You can see some videos here:

Very fun game I loved how all the people from the world came to see the final game.

Tactic for Radar : Hit top left, top right, roll to make ball spin

I really love this game, especially the soundtrack, where can I get the soundtrack?

It's on SoundCloud here:


thank you my frien

im a big fan. pls add islands or continue the story.

Glad you appreciate it!
I'm currently not sure what the future of this game is (may or may not add more / make a sequel in the future...), but I am definitely going to keep working on new games like it!! If you want to see my new stuff as it comes out you can follow me here, or on twitter, or on newgrounds, or subscribe to my newsletter

amazing game the music was really good and i love the style :D


Bro FUCK radar i bet he smells like hot ass


i love this game so fucking much

fun game but when you get good its kinda short



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1 point away on the champion 馃槶 

noooooo i needed one more point on hector :(

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(deleted post)

wow, amazing game but difficult opponents

I have been practicing and i beat the ninja and the scientist

Bravo!  Not too hard but some of the opponents took a few tries.  I really liked the upbeat tone!

Your game is amazing

you should make an online option

andrfw, can you send the soundtrack? It sounds epic

Will post to soundcloud and link here when I've done so! Going to prioritize fixing some bugs first though 馃槄

Glad you liked it! 

oh no rush. Thanks!

here ya go my dude:


next make a badmitten game 

i did: 

i ment more storied like this one 

this game is in oregon


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game is wonderful, but i dont think im supposed to be here once the cutscene is over... now i cant move.

Ah so sorry about this! Working on a fix for this cutscene, but in the meantime the game saves so if you reload you should be able to go back and get past him!

can you make more for the game? like more islands or side quests? I like the idea of multiple stories on more islands. Thanks!

i also feel like this is a leak for future updates

Insanely good I started off losing every single match and by the end of it I had the skills down and figured out the patterns of the enemies this was so fun!
I loved the final battle it was hilariously amazing! this truly is the best sports game ever!


damn this is the best sport game i have every played. I hope andrfw can expand the world and possible make more islands or worlds or something cool like that. Im exited to see future updates for this game!


This was pretty amazing! Cute art style, fantastic music, and really fun gameplay. However I encountered a bug! With the old man on the mountain that you collect fish for, if you stand off the the left of him after collecting the fish, it seems his slide over will catch the player in a collider, thus causing the player to get stuck!

Ah so sorry about this! Working on a fix for this cutscene, but in the meantime the game saves so if you reload you should be able to go back and get past him!

I found Radar to be the hardest opponent. Even The Champion took fewer tries.

Very noice :)

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